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    Rev. Sung Kwang Kim
  • Thank you for visiting Kangnam Fasting Prayer House's Website.
    Kangnam Fasting Prayer House which is located in middle of Chungpyung Myunhwa Mt., Gapyoung-gun, Kyoungki-do, and is known as a holy mountain of miracle and blessing.
    And, over 1,000,000 people visit Kangnam Fasting Prayer House every year from not only domestic area but many foreign countries.
    Also, we are trying to have a gem of a speech at any time by engaging respectable clergymen and special lecturers Futhermore, we are trying to make praying atmosphere so that people who visit feel inconvenience in the least and all workers including religious workers are trying to serve you with one accord.
    We expect you will visit Kangnam Fasting Prayer House whenever you like,experience miracles and bless through the answer of your pray, and give your glorious faith to God.

  • Career

  • * Graduate from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies;
    * New York Union Theological Seminary
    * Doctorate from San Francisco Theological Seminary (Dr. of Ministry)
    * Doctorate from YonSei University (Ph.D in Theology).
    * 1997. 46th Chairman of the General Council of the Korea Assemblies of God
    * Co-chairman of Korea National Church Council.
    * Senior Pastor of Kangnam Full Gospel Church (
    * President of KangNam Prayer Mountain (
    * Editorial colum writer of advanced korea (
  • Writings * Fasting Prayer
    * Healing by Fasting
    * Faith and Theology of the Early Fathers
    * Voice of Conscience(Sermon Book) and other 41 Books
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