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  • 1. Method to go by Player Mountain Bus from KangNam Church

  • Bus fee leaving for Kang Nam Fasting Prayer Mountain(Chungpyung) from KangNam Church everyday. In the event of using bus, KangNam Church locates at Exit No.3 of Subway Line No.2 Seong-su Station. (Refer to the following bus timetable) Detail location of KangNam Church is shown here. (Location of KangNam Church). It takes about 1 hour from church to prayer mountain.
  • Bus Guide for KangNam Fasting Prayer Mountain(Chungpyung)
    14 KangNam Church →
     Time leaving for Prayer Mountain
    Prayer Mountain →
     Time leaving for KangNam Church
    1st A.M 09:00 A.M 06:00
    2nd P.M 12:30 P.M 02:00
    3nd P.M 05:00 P.M 05:30
    4nd P.M 09:00 P.M 09:00
  • Chungpyung Shuttle Bus
    14 Prayer Mountain -> Chungpyung Chungpyung -> Prayer Mountain;
    1st A.M 07:30 A.M 08:00
    2nd A.M 09:00 A.M 09:30
    3rd A.M 10:00 A.M 10:30
    4th P.M 01:50 P.M 02:30
    5th P.M 05:30 P.M 06:00
  • 2. Method to go by cross-country bus from Subway Line No.2 Kangbyun Station

  • In the event of using cross-country bus terminal, get on bus for Choonchun at Dong Seoul Terminal(☎ 02-446-8000) just beside of Subway Line No.2 Kangbyun Station and get off Chungpyung Terminal, and then get on city bus(Bound for Samhwaeri).
      Regarding bus time bounding for Chungpyung, it may be known by selecting   transportation information -Kyunggido- Chungpyung at DongSeoul Terminal home-page.
      In the event of no bus bounding for Samhwaeri, you may use taxi, and it will take about 15-20 minutes and fare is 7∼8,000 Won(Round fare) and there is no special difficulty to take taxi.
  • City Bus Guide for Samhwaeri(Chungpyung)
    Taking 20min. Chungpyung Terminal → Samhwaeri (Prayer Mountain)
    Samhwaeri (Prayer Mountain) → Chungpyung Terminal
    1st A.M 06:40 A.M 07:00
    2nd A.M 09:10 A.M 09:30
    3rd A.M 11:30 A.M 11:50
    4th P.M 02:00 P.M 02:20
    5th P.M 05:40 P.M 06:00
    6th P.M 07:00 P.M 07:20
    7th P.M 07:00 P.M 07:30
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  • Map around KangNam Fasting Prayer Mountain

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