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  • Introduction of KangNam Fasting Prayer Mountain

  • KangNam Fasting Prayer Mountain

  • Wish all believers coming to Prayer Mountain be full of grace of the Lord.
    KangNam Fasting Prayer Mountain was established in 1984 at Chungpyung by Rev. Sung Kwang Kim and elder Rev. the deceased Ja Sil Choi, and many believers are coming continuously as of present.

    There is no inconvenience as air conditioning and heating system is maintained continuously. Can use warm water always during winter, and it takes only 3,000 Won for a day to sleep at Prayer mountain without using quarters.
    General believer may use Great Sacred Shrine or Belief Quarters(Exclusive for Women), Jonah Sacred Shrine(Exclusive for Men)
    In the event family or individual uses room separately, 35,000 Won for 1 room, and in the event of using 4 persons joint lodging, 11,000 Won per person is received. (Love Quarters)
    (A room for three people : \35,000 / four people : \ 45,000 / five people : \ 55,000)
    Quarters may be reserved by 1 day before by telephone. ☎ 031-584-1001(extension: 0)

    Traffic, Parking Lot
    Parking lot is prepared for person coming with car. Welcome your visit at any time. Believers who will use bus may click traffic guide of menu.
    Bus leaving from KangNam Church locating at Seong-su Station of Subway Line 2 is free, and it takes about 1 hour to Prayer Mountain.

    Guide to Restaurant, Store
    Restaurant prepares protective foods, wheat needles, rice etc and helps meals of believers after fasting. Price is 1,000∼5,000 Won.
    Other convenient things can be purchased at store.
  • ◆ Please store valuables and cash at the information office and let's manage one's things well.
    ◆ Believers who wish counsel may use counsel hour.
    ◆ Receive laying-hands player by religious workers of this prayer mountain.
    ◆ Person who wishes to have fasting for long time and serious Patient should have counsel with religious worker.